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        The Kay Carl Library Media Center features popular titles of electronic books, commonly referred to as eBooks. eBooks are interactive digital copies of print books. Students can interact with text by highlighting key passages, searching by keyword, taking notes, and finding information with the built-in dictionary. They even have digital bookmarks. These books can be enjoyed in school or at home through most devices including a Windows or Mac computer, Kindle Fire, Nook tablet, Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and Android Tablet. Follett's Universal Search is the program that students and teachers use to borrow our 357 eBooks and 31 audiobooks from our virtual collection. eBooks cannot be lost, stolen, or damaged. They are never returned late and if that's not enough, these eBooks will even read to you. eBooks can be enjoyed at school or home, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! This page and the below materials were last updated in Spring of 2017.


How Do I Get Started?


1) View the Kay Carl eBook Tutorial, which is available in three formats.

PowerPoint Show: (8.76 MB)
Prezi (web based)
PDF (2.9 MB)

Optional 1) Read the eBook Handout (PDF file: 172 KB)
Optional 2) Will the school's eBooks work on my device?

How To Video of Checking out Books in our School Library and eBooks.





















Students can borrow two eBooks at a time. If you have any problems logging into your account, contact Mrs. Haddad. To access our books as a guest, the username is student while the password is coyote.

The Kay Carl eBook Portal

Username = student number    Password =  first name

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