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Nancy Housman, 1964 - 2010



       To the Kay Carl community, Nancy Housman was a beloved teacher and colleague. It was in 1988 that she moved from her home in Colorado to Las Vegas. She taught at Manch, Bell, and Wooley elementary schools. While Ms. Housman spent much of her early career teaching first grade, she became one of the first ECSs in the School District. Being an Educational Computing Strategist turned out to be a highlight of her career. Nancy loved helping teachers and students alike discover the power of digital technology. She even taught classes through the PBS TeacherLine program. Outside of school, Nancy enjoyed playing golf and tennis. An outdoor enthusiast, she liked to hike and camp. Her affection for the natural world was reflected in her painting and photography. Nancy worked at our school from 2002 until 2010, when she passed of ovarian cancer. To know her was to appreciate that Nancy loved life. She was a kindhearted person that enjoyed a good laugh. Nancy found goodness in everybody. She was generous with her time and expertise. Without expecting compensation, she would do just about anything for anybody.   
  Although Nancy is gone, she continues to make Kay Carl Elementary a better place through her art. Her photographs and paintings adorn the school. It is in this way that we honor Nancy Housman.
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