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What do students say about Kay Carl? 

What's it like to go to school here? 

     This was my favorite year at school. I absolutely adore my fifth grade teachers. Mrs. Colin is really understanding, sweet and kind. Ms. Bartolotta is one of the strictest teachers on campus, but she really teaches me well and through her, I have found the best books. Mrs. Clements helped make me become a better writer. Mrs. Guido has helped me with science experiments and social studies projects. I have made some of the coolest friends this school year. I think it is because this school attracts some of the greatest people. My friends have helped me when I was feeling down and frustrated. Oh and how could I forget about the specials. I very much like p.e. and library. I also enjoy art and music. The SBAC test was hard, but it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be because my teachers taught me well. I am especially grateful for Ms. Bartolotta. If I could rate this school from one a one to ten, I would obviously give it a ten. Good job, Mrs. Swann and all of the other teachers. I’d like to give a special thanks to Ms. Ensign, Ms. Beck, and Ms. Nyesha. I am upset that I didn’t come here sooner and I’m sad that I’m leaving soon for middle school. Hopefully, Lied is as good. Thank you again to every one! –Selena, 5th grader

     This year has been one of the best years of my life. Starting a new school was a little scary, but I soon made friends. In addition to my classmates, I found the best friends like Layloni and Ramona. Sure I had some rough times, but my friends got me through it.  Throughout the year, I learned a lot. My favorite subject is reading. Mrs. Marco is an amazing teacher and she taught me amazing things. I love being in school activities. I am in art club, soccer, and pom-pop club. I am so happy that I get to go to Kay Carl for two more years. I can’t wait until next year. New adventures are waiting! –Maya, 3rd grader

     Kay Carl where do I start, it is a fantastic school that helped me learn how to grow socially, academically, and into an all around good person. Many teachers and staff members are the people that shaped me into who I am today. Those amazing people are Ms. Bartolotta, Mrs. Colin, Ms. Kristine, and Mr. Dwyer. These teachers are only some of the many people who have helped me become who I am today.


     I had Ms. Bartolotta for 3rd grade. I still remember the first day of 3rd grade when we took a silly quiz to check if we followed directions. Was I one of the people who passed? Not a chance. I was a crazy, loud, talkative, and energetic student. Ms. Bartolotta helped me channel all of those emotions into my school work. She taught us cursive, even though she did not have to. Since then, my cursive skills have flourished and it is all thanks to her. I can not thank her enough for helping me find my inner self.


     Mrs. Colin was my 5th grade teacher. I always loved walking into that classroom because I knew I was going to have an extraordinary day. When I was not feeling like myself, she would pull me aside and talk. At the very end of our talk, she would always tell me a joke that put a smile on my face. I remember us doing show-n-tell almost every day; she would always have a keen interest in what everybody brought in. I always thought it was a way for her and the other students to get to know each other better. Mrs. Colin, thank you for being who you are and I thank you for being my awesome 5th grade teacher. I would not be who I am without you.


     Ms. Kristine, she was one of my amazing Safe Key leaders. Everyday in the morning, she would always ask me how my animals are doing. I loved talking about them with her and hearing stories about her animals too. I loved painting nails, so out of the goodness of her heart, she let me run “Kristen’s Nail Salon” everyday.  I would have my own table of nail polish doing three girls’ nails at the same time. I had a blast. Ms. Kristine, I don’t know where I would be without you.


     Last but not least is Mr. Dwyer, who helped me find my inner book nerd. From the first day I met him, I always had a thought of,  “I want to grow up and be a librarian, just like Mr. Dwyer!” With me talking to him every week, he finally let me be one of the fantastic people who helped run the Book Fair. Now I am a Lied Library aide in 3rd period. He helped me develop all of the skills to become a librarian and without that I would not have become an aide and met my best friend, Yuliann. Now I truly feel like a real librarian and it is all thanks to an astounding librarian, Mr. Dwyer.


     Those are only some of the incredible people who have helped me. Some others are Mrs. Clements, Mrs. Hahn, Ms. Goode, Mr. Wahl, Ms. Nyesha, Mrs. K, Mrs., Mrs. Rafferty, Coach Tisdale, Mrs. Newby, Mrs. Strozzi, Mrs. Swann, Ms. Flippin, Mr. Williams (also known as Pierre), Mr. Morris (also known as Mr. Fred), Mrs. Lisa, Ms. Ashcraft, Ms. Mizrahi, Ms. Washington and last but not least, Dr. Kay Carl. All of you will always have a special place in my heart. That is what Kay Carl means to me. -Kristen, 8th grader

     I am so happy being at this school! Mrs. Swann is the best principal. Mrs. Canfield is the best teacher. My dad came to career day. I like Officer Williams who I met at Careers on Wheels. I love the books at our school. I also love field day. I like seeing my friends every day. My teacher lets us do centers. I love Kay Carl very much! –Zoe, first grader

      My elementary school teachers taught me to have confidence in myself, stay organized, and work hard. My third grade teacher, Ms. Bartolotta, encouraged me to read higher level books. She still recommends books to me. Mrs. Colin assisted me in seventh grade, when I was struggling with math. I learned a lot from going there and have met some of the best people I’ve ever known. In kindergarten, I met two of my current best friends. I’m incredibly lucky to have gone to Kay Carl and I hope you are too. Maggie, 7th grade

     Kay Carl is the best school. I have been at Kay Carl since kindergarten and I have loved all of my teachers. My brother also went to school here with teachers he adored. I have also enjoyed our principal. Mrs. Swann has the greatest ideas for fun. I love how we do smoothies and movies. We recycle and don’t litter our community.  We have respect for one another and care for each other. We have carnivals and incredible pods. We have the biology pod that is filled with animals. We also have the earth science pod that has fossils and rocks. We even have a Lego lab. Kay Carl also has iPads, which we use for ST Math and Ticket to Read. We have great specials like music, art, p.e. and library. Music is fun but art is one of my favorites because I love to draw. Mr. Tisdale, our p.e. teacher, does lots of after school sports like basketball, soccer, and football. Now comes my favorite, library. Book Master Dwyer does Star Wars Book Club. He is also in charge of the book fair and Nevada Reading Week. Everyone here works hard to do their best. I wish this was an elementary, middle, and high school. This is what makes Kay Carl the best school in the world!  Logan, 4th grader

  “Champions...champions...Kay Carl kids are champions.” I recall chanting this phrase in my elementary music classes with Ms. Ashcraft. At first, it had no meaning to me. Eventually, however, that phrase became a true statement--a summary of my childhood.

     I enjoyed my elementary school years. I played with friends and made good grades. In retrospect, I see how crucial my elementary school years were. I believe that the function of elementary school is to give kids a solid foundation of not only academic skills, but also life skills. Kay Carl Elementary accomplished that. I began at Kay Carl in 2003, and left in 2009. However the school's impact on me remains.

    Some of the best experiences of elementary school were with my friends. We lightheartedly played games and enjoyed each other’s company. Particularly I remember Noah and Vidal, my best friends of elementary school. I look back and miss those relatively carefree days. More importantly, I realize how my friendships at Kay Carl helped me develop vital social skills.

      Academics were also very important to my elementary school years. I mostly earned A’s with some B’s. At Kay Carl, teachers taught me the fundamentals of reading, writing, math and science. I also enjoyed music, art, P.E., G.A.T.E., and visiting the library. Without these fundamentals, it would have been more difficult for me to succeed in middle and high school. I appreciate all of my former teachers for the efforts they put forth to teach me.  However I particularly appreciate my fifth grade teacher, Ms. Bartolotta, who demonstrated to me the value and joy of reading and literature. In my opinion, reading is one of the most important skills, because it allows us to understand, analyze, and predict real-life situations and events. Almost all activities require it. My academic foundation from elementary school helped me become college-bound and a valedictorian candidate of my high school.

        The crucial social, life, and academic skills that I developed at Kay Carl have helped and will help me succeed in life. Many of my fondest childhood memories, such as the annual Fall Festival, occurred at Kay Carl. This school made me a champion.  -David, 12th grader

     “Reach for the stars and beyond today” is a moto forever remembered in my heart. Kay Carl isn’t just a school, it’s a family. A family destined to help you “stretch for your dreams” and achieve what you strive for in life.

     My 5 years at Kay Carl are times I will never forget. All the endless stomach hurting laughs at having crazy visits by Mr. Coye the Coyote, which in my opinion is the best coyote of all time. To all the hard work put into the classroom and trying to be the best that you possibly can. Kay Carl Elementary school is an environment where you can feel safe but most of all have the most wonderful staff and teachers to motivate you to the extreme. I personally think of the time when I was in the scholarship program, my last year attending Kay Carl. I was so overwhelmed and stressed over all the activities and work that we had to complete in this group. Days would go by with sleepless nights and with some days wanting to quit. Taking the easy way out and just giving up, but I didn’t. Ms. Schrader my former 5th grade teacher who is now retired is the most inspiring and influential teacher I have had. “Alyssa you can’t give up and put this hard work behind you, no matter what happens I will always be proud and dignified as long as you tried your best. Those words, those single words don't give up and try your best is what got me that $300 scholarship.

     This school just continues to amaze me on how involved the teachers and staff are at this school. Each and every teacher cares about every individual student. They strive and succeed to give that child the best possible education that they can possess, and to continue to grow that child's mind to their full potential.

     I must say that library, art, music, and PE was one of the many enjoyable times at Kay Carl. Mr. Dwyer gave me a passion for reading and expressing emotion through storytelling. Not to mention his great puppeteering and his ever fun cat treats.

      Ms. Climber and Ms. Mizrahi helped me see the true beauty in art. Even though my paper mache dolphins came out to look like something that has been thrown up by a 3 year old, I still had fun and learned to enjoy my mysterious looking creations. Ms.Ashcraft gave me an urge for music. I now play tenor sax in my middle school concert and jazz band and have been offered many auditions for top orchestras around the district. Last but certainly not least, I can never forget my amazing PE teachers, Coach Kish and Coach Tisdale. These people gave me many fun memories throughout the school year and were like my best buddies. Always making funny nicknames and endless tryalls of trying to hit coach with a dodgeball. By the way, Kish i'm still waiting to drive your golf cart, even though it would probably end up crashed in a tree in the park across the street. I will never forget what these special teachers did to impact my life and inspire me to do many things.

     I would like to thank every single teacher who has taught at Kay Carl. My words can’t even describe how lucky and how grateful I am to have been taught by wonderful teachers and mentors like you. I believe every person in this world has a job to make a difference in this county, and in this world. The teachers and staff at Kay Carl are what represent this belief and what make this a awe-inspiring school.
     Kay Carl kids are truly champions. Exceeding in kindness, education, and athletics we really go above and beyond. 15 years in the making and we are still holding on strong. Ever memory that has been created at this school I will never forget. Once a Kay Carl Champion, always a Kay Carl Champion. Alyssa, 7th grader

     Kay Carl is an awesome school and it is very precious to me. I have attended school here ever since I was in kindergarten and it feels like a second home to me now. My experience here has been gratifying and I will always remember my wonderful years at Kay Carl.  Kay Carl means a lot to me. But, it mostly represents the place where I was taught the basics of life.


     My experience at Kay Carl  has helped shape who I am.  Many of my teachers  taught me different skills and valuable lessons of life that are now part of me. My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Sawyers, taught me how to read and write.  My 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Lemke, made me playful and cheerful. Ms. Hahn, my 2nd grade teacher, helped me improve my writing skills and I became a hard-working girl. My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Parr,  brought joy to the classroom and made me joyful too. My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Ward, taught me discipline and responsibility.  And now my 5th grade teachers, Mrs. Clements, Ms. Bartolotta, Mrs. Colin, and Mrs. Guido, are teaching and preparing me for middle school and later life.  All have left an imprint in my life that has helped shape who I am today.


     Other individuals that helped me throughout my elementary were my friends.  Kaycee helped me get along with many people in 3rd & 4th grade and helped me resolve multiple friendship problems with other people.  Salem, my present best friend has helped me with numerous things as well, but mostly she taught me that I should speak up instead of just standing there.


     A challenge in my life that one of my teachers helped me with was my hideous writing skills.  My 2nd grade teacher pushed me on this and completely changed it around.  I used to come home crying saying, “How come it is so simple for others to write and so difficult for me?”  But not anymore, I became a good writer and learned the importance of not giving up.  Another challenge I had was organizing my time this year.  I would spend 5 hours doing homework every day.  I was frustrated and didn't know what to do.  Ms. Bartolotta helped me divide my time for my homework and now I am more efficient.

      My years at Kay Carl have been wonderful.  I will definitely miss this amazing school and all the staff when I go to middle school next year.  I have many memories in this school and that is why it is so precious to me. -Natalie, 5th grader

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